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Assisting clients to set up social development programs, utilizing community participatory approaches to identify strengths and opportunities, resource requirements and appropriate approaches.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Helping clients to set realistic goals and objectives, monitoring activities using appropriate indicators of success, and measuring outcomes and longer-term impact. We can assist in designing M&E tools that are cost effective, collaborative and context specific.

Participatory Planning

Facilitating the design of appropriate activities to cater for locally identified needs and according to varying contexts. Assistance in designing strategies to establish and cultivate relationships with all stakeholders.

Cross Cultural Communication

Fostering relationships with local and Indigenous communities and assisting clients to establish an understanding of the local context that affects your business. A participatory approach is used to identify appropriate communication tools and strategies. Communication strategies are designed specifically with geographical challenges in mind to ensure collaborative and meaningful engagement.

Program Management

Supporting and implementing program and project activities with a focus on expected outcomes. Ensuring projects/programs are realistically resourced and scheduled, and adequately staffed with trained and committed personnel. Translating plans into appropriate actions to achieve goals and objectives.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Building a business model with you, which utilises international benchmarks such as those set by the World Bank, International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) and others. Assisting you to develop programs that contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of your workforce and their families, local communities and the wider community.

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