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Clay International Partners provided their passion, energy and expertise assisting Lynas develop our corporate social responsibility program initiatives.

Tony Duhne, GM, Lynas Corporation

Safety, Health, Environment and Community

Lucy was instrumental in creating Sino Gold’s award-winning community development program in SW China. She helped us establish our social licence to operate mines in China through her unique experience and capacity to communicate and build trust with all the local stakeholders.

Jake Klein

CEO, Sino Gold

December 2009:

Sino Gold wins 2009 Sustainable Development Award at Australia China Business Awards in Beijing.

Lucy’s and Kiran's commitment to participatory practice in pursuit of better communication, understanding, collaboration and harmony in workplaces, communities, and the world at large has enabled Sydney Development Circle members representing NGO’s, government agencies and the private sector to access new ideas and networks.

Robyn Hutchinson

Steering Committee member

Sue Allan brings significant skills and experience to my team on a consultancy basis. She produces quality inputs and is 100% committed to helping us achieve our business goals. Sue is one of a small group of "go to" consultants that I know I can rely on when I need to supplement my resource base.

Tony Vonthoff,

Director Business Development,

Austraining International Pty Ltd

Clay International Partners provides us with invaluable contacts as well as wise counsel, as our non-profit learns to navigate essential community building resources.

Dr. Nadine Shema,

PR Director,

Great Lakes Agency for

Peace and Development

Lucy played a key role as part of an independent monitoring and evaluation team in Yunnan Province, assessing Norwegian donor projects. She brings international best practice approaches to community development programs in China.

Prof. Ren Xiaodong,

Guizhou Normal University

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